Monthly Unlimited Membership

With this membership, you'll have full and unlimited monthly access to all of our group classes!  Choose from CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning, Circuits, HIIT, Yoga, etc. 2


New to CrossFit? Start with our Foundations Class! The Foundations class is three personal training sessions that will prepare you to jump into group CrossFit classes. This class is mandatory if you are new to CrossFit.

10 Classes Punch Card

With this option, you'll have the option to use your 10 classes however you like.  It  can be used for any group class (CrossFit included as long as you've completed Foundations).  

3 x Per Week Membership

With this membership, you'll have access to any 12 classes throughout the month. Choose from CrossFit, any of our Haus classes, yoga, etc.


Drop-in and try a class.


Members Open Gym
If you're a FitHaus member, you're welcome to stop in and work on a skill, lift, or hit a workout you missed earlier in the week! No structure, no coach-led class, just time to do what you like!
Free Intro Crossfit Class
Are you new to CrossFit, but want to check out what a class is like? We offer a FREE intro class every Saturday taught by one of our CrossFit Coaches. No experience required for this class and all levels are welcome! A great way to try it out before purchasing our Foundations package!
CrossFit WOD (Workout Of the Day)
Our staple program. We are an official CrossFit Affiliate, OurHaus CrossFit, and have CrossFit certified coaches leading all our classes. Our CrossFit workouts produce real, measurable results using constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Our CrossFit program will help you get fit ... fast! It's great to develop strength, conditioning, mobility, and much more. You'll go from Olympic Lifting to gymnastics, to running, biking, and rowing. It's completely scalable to any level of athlete. For athletes new to CrossFit, completing our Foundations program is required and a great way to feel comfortable right from day 1!


4:30 PM Boot Camp

Come get a taste of FitHAUS Haus Classes! Monday - HIIT , Wednesday - Circuits , and Friday - Strengh+Conditioning. 3 different classes taught by 3 pretty amazing instructors! 4:30 PM - SPRING SESSION STARTS MARCH 4TH

8:15 AM Boot Camp

Get Your Booty Kicked for 8 weeks with 3 amazing instructors 3 times a week for a great price. Get a taste of FitHAUS. 8:15 AM M, W, & F. SPRING SESSION STARTS MARCH 4TH!


Drop-in and try a class.

Yoga Unlimited Membership

For a limited time we are offering Founders memberships for unlimited Yoga at the FitHAUS.

10 Classes Punch Card

With this option, you'll have the option to use your 10 classes however you like.  It  can be used for any group class (CrossFit included as long as you've completed Foundations).  It does expire after 3 months.

Monthly Unlimited Memebership

This membership will give you unlimited monthly access to all of our Haus and Yoga classes (CrossFit classes are not included with this membership).


Haus Barre
So you can pound the weights, move dynamically, push the limit. All great! But, can you sustain it? Control it? Work inside it? Push a different limit? That's what FitHAUS Barre will help you achieve. In Barre you work small, isometric movements, controlled movements so your body can endure longer and get stronger on a whole different level. FitHAUS Barre works mobility, stability, tone, stamina, awareness, and every muscle you never knew you had.
Haus Circuits Class
Our circuits class is for anyone that wants to get an effiecent workout with a great mix of strength & cardio. We will go through a series of rotating circuits to get your heart rate up and blood pumping!
Haus Stength & Conditioning Class
Our Strength & Conditioning classes are great for anyone looking to use functional movements to get fit and move well! We mix up the strength and conditioning throughout the 60 minute class to give you a great, well rounded workout that increases strength and burns fat!
HIIT Class
An upbeat, high energy class that incorporates interval training and compound resistance training! A great mix of strength and conditioning. No barbells, but be prepared for just about anything else: dumbbells, kettlebells, running, rowing, biking, wall balls, slam balls, etc.
HATHA Yoga's sole purpose is healing spinal alignment and connective tissue.  We follow the same series of 26 to 40 postures in a one hour class with a temperture around 84 degrees.  The first half of the class contains standing postures and the second half will be all grounded postures.  It is rather challenging, but the benefits can be near miraculous.
YIN Yoga
YIN Yoga is an experience that offers a deep and healing journey into static, grounding yoga postures by allowing for powerful exploration of muscle fascia and connective tissues over the duration of extended holds in each posture. (not heatedº)
HIIT (high-intensity interval training) + Yoga Infuse your workout and practice with energy, stability and balance by combining yoga with high-intensity interval training. Cardio and strength training bursts are broken up by lengthening, cooldown yoga postures. Threading yoga with bursts of cardiovascular exercise revs up the caloric burn factor, builds strength, endurance and transforms your body in amazing ways! The combination creates a perfect exercise system that is a sweat-inducing, detoxifying workout that results in core strengthening, arm definition, and thigh transformation that will empower your mind, body and soul!
GUIDED FLOW is fully gudied by the teacher and relies on a similar sequencing each and every class. It is a phenomenal place to get started on your yoga journey, get back in touch with the foundations of your physical yoga practice, or simply move through a guided strengthening and stoking yoga flow. (temp. 85º’ish) All levels welcome.
FLOW inspires and strengthens students through vibrant and vigorous vinyasa yoga flow. Basically translating to linking individual yoga postures with breath, and then pairing them with powerful and at times energetic music and messaging. And all while in a heated studio. (temp. 90-95º) All levels welcome.
SCULPT YOGA is a steady paced exploration of sweat and stamina that pairs light to mid-range hand weights, your bodyweight, and dynamic strength and balance building movements to increase cardiovascular health and muscle tone. And yes, it comes of course with a stiff shot of endorphin-kick on the side. Also, it seems fair to let you know that occasionally you’ll sweat from places you didn’t know could sweat. #SorryNotSorry. (temp. 90º’ish)


4x/month Kids Membership

Access to 4 kids classes throughout the month. Great for families that may travel a week or two throughout the month!

Full Kids Membership

This membership allows your child access to all our kids classes (offered twice/week).

Unlimited Monthly Teen Membership

With this membership, you'll have unlimited monthly access to our Teens CrossFit and Yoga Sculpt classes.

1x Per Week Teen Membership

This membership allows you access to 4 classes throughout the month. Choose from Teens CrossFit or Teens Yoga Sculpt

2x Per Week Teen Membership

This membership allows you access to 8 classes throughout the month. Choose from Teens CrossFit or Teens Yoga Sculpt


Teen CrossFit Class
Great for Teens and PreTeens, this class incorporates many of the same movements as our adult CrossFit classes, but is geared toward the younger athletes. Improve Strength, Conditioning, Mobility, and Flexibility! Ages 10-17 welcome! In season or off, these classes are great addition to any sport specific training and is designed to make teens better all-around athletes at any other sport they may choose!
Kids Haus Class
A 60 minute class designed for our athletes-in-the-making! Geared for kids ages 4-9, this class focuses on fun first! In each class, the kids will learn new skill or build upon established skills. They learn how to move well from a young age, and build a base of fitness that will carry them throughout their lives. The kids play lots of games, create obsticle courses, have relay races, climb ropes, jump, run, row, and 'workout' ... "just like mom and dad"! Creating a love of fitness from a young age is our goal and passion.
Teens CrossFit
Designed for athletes ages 11-17, this is a wonderful strength and conditioning program for our pre-teen and teen athletes! It is lead by a certified CrossFit coach, and these young athletes will learn strength training fundamentals (form, safety, etc) while working toward more advanced lifts and gymnastic skills. This can be a great stand alone athletic program or used as a supplement to any other sport(s). We have a good mix of ladies and gentlemen in this class! The workouts are designed to build stronger, more powerful, better conditioned, and more well rounded athletes that are able to excel in any other sport!


2 x Per Week Monthly Membership

If you are a senior and would like the option to attend both senior classes weekly, this is the membership for you. We have two senior options: Senior Strength and Conditioning, Mondays at Noon. Senior Yoga, Wednesdays at Noon.

1 x Per Week Monthly Membership

If you are a senior and would like to attend one senior class a week, this is the perfect option for you.


Senior Yoga
This class is perfect for seniors who want to learn yoga and receive it's many health benefits. This safe and slower moving class is designed for seniors, but all ages can attend. Modifications can be used when needed. This class aims to work gently to increase range of motion in shoulders, back, hips and legs. Develop better balance, core awareness and breath awareness.
Senior Strength & Conditioning Class
Our Senior Strength and Conditioning class is geared towards movements of daily life. This class uses hand weights, resistance bands and body weight to increase range of motion, strength, balance, coordination and cardiovascular health. Please dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Bring water and a hand towel.


10 Session Personal Training Package

Purchase 10 Personal Training Sessions with one of our amazing trainers! Each session is 60 minutes of 1-on-1 time with a trainer. These 10 sessions expire after 3 months.


ProCoach Nutrition Coaching BASIC

Includes ProCoach Software for tracking, accountability, daily lessons, and habit formation. Nutrition coach interaction through software to provide feedback, customization, and problem solving.

ProCoach Nutrition Coaching PLUS

Includes the ProCoach Basic features: ProCoach Software for tracking, accountability, lessons, and habit formation. PLUS two private coaching sessions w/ coach per month.

ProCoach Nutrition Coaching PREMIUM

Includes ProCoach Software for tracking, accountability, and habit formation. Weekly private coaching sessions w/ coach.

FOUR hours Nutrition Coaching

Personal, one-on-one nutrition coaching for four hours a month. (Does not include the ProCoach software)

TWO hours Nutrition Coaching

Personal, one-on-one nutrition coaching for two hours a month. (Does not include the ProCoach software)

30 MIN. A-La-Carte Nutrition Coaching Session

30 minute long nutrition coaching session as needed. (Does not include the ProCoach software)


TWO Hour R.P.R. Therapy Session

An RPR® session lasts about 2 hours and includes an assessment and manual activation. Simple strength and flexibility tests are performed pre- and post- session to evaluate movement and improvement. The RPR® experience is extraordinary and has been termed life changing for some people - breathe better, move better, and feel better. The best part? Immediate and measurable results!